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Fluxeon, Inc. offers you high quality, powerful induction heaters. 
Now you can finally afford to buy the tool you've been dreaming about!

Our philosophy at Fluxeon is simple: 
Deliver high quality induction heating at a price YOU can actually afford!

We give you a no-nonsense limited lifetime warranty on all Fluxeon induction heaters.  We're here before, during and after the sale to make sure you get what you need, when you need it!

Featured Product

Cartridge Induction Annealer

Introducing The Annie--our induction heater for annealing brass rifle and pistol cartridges.  No Flames!  0.1 second precision!  and most cases are annealed in under 3 seconds.

Stop the guesswork with your torches.  Anneal with confidence!

Annie Induction Annealer

Now offered with a limited lifetime warranty.  Buy with confidence!


New Product Alert

Water Recirculator for the Annie Water-Cooled Helical Coil!

The Water-Cooled Helical Coil is by far the most efficient coil option for the Annie.  But.... setting up for the water supply can be a real headache.  Not everyone has a faucet nearby, and not many are willing to go to the trouble of cobbling together their own pump and reservoir system.  There's nothing wrong with the Flux-Concentrator Litz Coil, but if you really have your heart set on the helical coil, here's your answer!

Water Recirculator

The water recirculator is completely self-contained in a 32oz polycarbonate jar.  It's powered by a standard 12VDC wall adapter (included).  The pump is 30,000 hour-rated, and so quiet you can barely hear it.  The water inlet and outlet accept the same 1/4" poly tubing that comes with the Water-Cooled Helical Coil, so there is nothing else you need to go out and buy in order to get up and running.

"Where is the heat-exchanger?" some of you are asking.  Well, the heat load of the work coil is not that high, and this volume alone is enough to handle it.  it will get warm, but no additional cooling should be n

"Ummm, why is the water RED?" Well, some might consider it overkill, be we are including a 4oz bottle of anti-corrosion additive with every order.  This keeps the coil copper bright and shiny, and gives the liquid higher heat removal properties.  It's not 100% necessary, but as long as we're doing it, we want to d
o it right.

We're keeping the price as low as possible.  Only $71.01!

I Want It!

What Happened to the Roys?

We've spun off the Roy line of heaters to a new entity called Tellico Induction Corporation, TNduction.com  Fluxeon and TNduction will maintain a tight relationship, with each of us able to focus better on customer's specific requirements.

As such, many of the links to Roys and most of the Roy accessories will now point to https://tnduction.com/.  Take some time and pay them a visit!